BeSomebody Shark Tank Update and Net Worth 2024

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When Kash Shaikh appeared on Shark Tank seeking investment for his company, BeSomebody, little did he know that the journey ahead would lead to significant pivots and transformations. In this BeSomebody Shark Tank update and net worth, we will look into the company’s post-Shark Tank trajectory, highlighting its evolution into business innovation. Let’s get started with what happened to BeSomebody after Shark Tank.

BeSomebody Shark Tank Update

BeSomebody’s Shark Tank appearance sparked growth and transformation. Founder Kash Shaikh used the exposure to refine the app and attract investors. With a focus on job placement and employer services, BeSomebody became a comprehensive business innovation firm.  

Strategic acquisitions and partnerships, including Opening Minds, LLC, and collaborations with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, propelled their growth and solidified their position as a transformative force in the market. Through initiatives like the “Besomebody Paths” program, it has created over 2,000 jobs, showcasing its commitment to workforce development.

From Experience Marketplace to Business Innovation

After their appearance on Shark Tank, BeSomebody underwent a significant transformation. The company shifted its product scope and relocated its operations to Cincinnati, Ohio. With a renewed focus on job placement and employer services, BeSomebody transitioned from an experience marketplace app to a full-fledged business innovation firm.

In November 2018, BeSomebody made an important move to bolster its capabilities by acquiring Opening Minds, LLC. This Cincinnati-based multimedia and event firm brought expertise in creative, digital, and event management services to BeSomebody’s portfolio.

The acquisition broadened the company’s service offerings and positioned them as a comprehensive solution provider in the business innovation landscape. With the acquisition of Opening Minds, BeSomebody expanded its creative and digital capabilities, enabling them to offer end-to-end solutions to its clients.

The integration of these services allowed BeSomebody to assist businesses in enhancing their brand presence and engaging with their target audience effectively. By providing various services, from job placement to creative and digital solutions, BeSomebody became a trusted partner for businesses across various industries. Through its transformation, BeSomebody solidified its position in the business innovation market.

The company has established itself as a vital resource for companies looking for innovation and growth because of its commitment to staying ahead of the competition and reacting to shifting market demands. BeSomebody’s journey serves as an inspiration to businesses and entrepreneurs alike as it continues to develop and have an influence on the commercial environment.

Further Partnerships and Acquisitions

BeSomebody’s growth reached beyond Cincinnati through strategic partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Microsoft, a Fortune 500 company. This partnership boosted BeSomebody’s credibility and provided access to a wider network of opportunities, allowing them to deliver innovative solutions by leveraging Microsoft’s resources and expertise.

The introduction of the “Besomebody Paths” program further solidified BeSomebody’s impact by creating over 2,000 job opportunities for Americans. This initiative showcased their commitment to workforce development and their ability to connect job seekers with suitable employers, making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

In 2019, BeSomebody made a strategic acquisition by acquiring Pixelbug Technologies, Inc., a technology firm based in Montreal, Canada. This acquisition brought artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities to BeSomebody’s suite of offerings, enhancing their capabilities and positioning them as a forward-thinking company at the forefront of technological advancements.

Through strategic partnerships, impactful programs like “Besomebody Paths,” and strategic acquisitions like Pixelbug Technologies, BeSomebody has experienced significant growth and success. These collaborations and initiatives have enhanced their credibility and allowed them to make a positive impact and embrace innovative technologies. As they continue to expand and innovate, BeSomebody is poised to leave a lasting mark in the industry.

Recognition and Entrepreneurial Support

Despite facing challenges, Kash Shaikh’s resilience and determination have been key to BeSomebody’s success. In 2020, BSB Group International, the parent company of BeSomebody, was recognized by The Silicon Review as one of the “Top 50 Best Places to Work During the Pandemic.”

This prestigious accolade highlighted the company’s strong business model, core industries, exceptional leadership, commitment to innovation, and positive work culture. Inspired by his entrepreneurial journey, Kash Shaikh launched the BeSomebody podcast.

This platform features interviews with successful CEOs and billionaires from various sectors. Through the podcast, Kash shares valuable insights, advice, and motivation, aiming to support and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

The company transformed from an experience marketplace app to a dynamic business innovation firm focusing on job placement and employer services. Through strategic acquisitions, partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft, and integration of advanced technologies, such as AI and AR, BeSomebody has solidified its position in the market.

While specific details about the recent collaboration between BeSomebody and Cincinnati are not readily available, the company’s recognition and impact serve as testaments to its achievements. Although their social media presence has been inactive since late 2020 and early 2021, BeSomebody’s journey inspires and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs.

BeSomebody Net Worth

The company’s estimated net worth is $25 million in 2024. This significant growth reflects the success and transformation the company has undergone since its inception. Founder Kash Shaikh suggested a valuation of around $10 million several years ago, indicating substantial progress. Its trajectory showcases its increasing value and potential for further growth.

It’s important to note that net worth is subject to change based on various factors. However, BeSomebody’s estimated net worth highlights the impact of strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and a shift toward job placement and employer services. These developments have further contributed to the company’s growing valuation and solidified its position in the business landscape.

Is BeSomebody Still in Business?

BeSomebody’s business operations remain uncertain, and its official social media handles have been inactive since 2021. However, considering the company’s past business transformation and strategic acquisitions, it is plausible that BeSomebody is still in business.

BeSomebody’s history suggests they may still be actively operating in the market. Their shift from an experience marketplace app to a business innovation firm, along with notable acquisitions, demonstrates a commitment to growth and expansion.

Although the lack of recent online activity raises questions about BeSomebody’s current status, it is essential to consider their past accomplishments and transformations. While further confirmation is needed to determine BeSomebody’s present business operations, the company’s previous trajectory suggests it will still provide valuable resources to job seekers and employers.

Shark Tank Recap

Kash Shaikh appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $1 million investment for a 10% stake in the company. During his pitch, Kash brought Olympic soccer player Christine Lily to demonstrate the selling power of experiences through the BeSomebody app.

The app aimed to provide users with unique experiences, and Kash revealed that he would earn a 20% commission on all payments made for booking these experiences. He emphasized that BeSomebody had already trademarked the popular hashtag #besomebody, which had amassed over five million followers and successfully organized 2,000 social events.

Despite impressing some of the sharks with his app demo, Kash faced a series of challenges during the presentation. Mark Cuban argued with Kash and was the first to exit the deal. Barbara Corcoran accused Kash of being disrespectful and immoral, leading her to ask him to leave the room.

Robert Herjavec expressed his confusion about the business model, while Lori Greiner believed that BeSomebody was a similar app that would ultimately fail, prompting her to leave the meeting. Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary were the only sharks remaining in the room, but Kevin O’Leary decided to leave due to concerns over potential liability issues.

Ultimately, Kash Shaikh left the Shark Tank stage without securing any deals from the sharks, leaving his BeSomebody app without an investment. Although he impressed some of the sharks with his demonstration, the difficulties he encountered finally proved impractical.

Kash Shaikh left the Shark Tank stage disappointed, failing to secure an investment for his BeSomebody app. The interaction clarified the need for an efficient company plan, effective communication, and addressing any issues or questions from prospective investors.

BeSomebody, since its Shark Tank appearance, has been characterized by resilience, adaptation, and growth. The BeSomebody story serves as a reminder that setbacks can pave the way for even greater success. As Kash Shaikh and BeSomebody evolve, their journey will inspire others to persevere and chase their entrepreneurial dreams.


What is BeSomebody?

BeSomebody is all about discovering and learning new information. To encourage learning, BeSomebody links users with mentors and subject matter experts. BeSomebody is a platform that trains new hires to ace interviews, attracts major corporations, and offers job placements.

Who are the founders of BeSomebody?

BeSomebody was founded by Kash Shaikh. 2014 saw the establishment of BeSomebody in Austin: brand-building expert, business owner, and public speaker Kash Shaikh. Kash Shaikh has also won a lot of accolades.

What episode was BeSomebody on Shark Tank?

BeSomebody appeared on Shark Tank in Season 8, Episode 7. It was aired on November 4, 2016.

Where is Besomebody, Inc.’s headquarters?

BeSomebody, Inc’s headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. They have other New York, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Houston offices.

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