Chill Systems Shark Tank Update and Net Worth 2024

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In the highly competitive world of innovative products, Chill Systems made waves when it appeared on Shark Tank. We’ll explore the company’s journey on Shark Tank, media recognition, product convenience, and current status. Let’s dive into the update and net worth of Chill Systems after Shark Tank.

Chill Systems Shark Tank Update

In the competitive world of innovative products, Chill Systems managed to grab attention and gain popularity after appearing on the famous Shark Tank show. With its unique ice-free technology, Chill Systems has revolutionized how we think about cooling solutions.

Chill Systems stands out from the crowd with its ice-free technology, which utilizes tubes filled with freezing gels. This ingenious approach eliminates the need for traditional ice, making it a hassle-free and convenient cooling solution.

The chill system’s website reads: Chill Systems is a highly adaptable, ultraportable beverage chilling system that uses freezing gel inside its walls and is small and light, about the size of a football. The more affordable option enables you to conveniently prepare cold beverages wherever your day takes you without needing to buy ice or transport a large cooler

Media Recognition

When Chill Systems appeared on Shark Tank, its goal was to impact the market significantly. Although the exact sales figures remain undisclosed, the episode garnered substantial attention. The national television exposure provided an excellent platform for Chill Systems to showcase its innovative product to a wide audience, resulting in increased awareness and recognition.

Following their pitch on Shark Tank, Chill Systems caught the attention of prominent media outlets such as Yahoo Sports, NBC, BuzzFeed, and Inc. These publications recognized the unique value proposition of Chill Systems and featured the company in their coverage. The media exposure validated the product’s appeal and served as a catalyst for its further growth and success.

The media coverage amplified Chill Systems’ visibility in the market. Positive endorsements from reputable publications solidified the company’s reputation and increased consumer trust in its product. This heightened visibility translated into increased sales and expanded the customer base as more individuals became aware of Chill Systems and its innovative solution.

Making it Convenient

Chill Systems successfully launched its product in the United States and Canada, catering to customers in both countries. However, international shipping was not introduced. Chill Systems aimed to establish a solid customer base and gain a foothold in the beverage cooling industry by focusing on these key markets.

With Chill Systems, customers got exceptional functionality and a touch of style. The chiller pack came in various vibrant colors and designs, making it a fashion statement. Each pack had a practical carrying strap, ensuring ease of use wherever you go.

Chill Systems understood the importance of affordability without compromising quality. The standard chiller was available at a reasonable price range of $49.95 to $59.95, depending on the chosen pattern. For those seeking a comprehensive chilling experience, the combo deal, including the chiller and packs, was available for $99.95.

Chill Systems offered its products on multiple platforms to cater to its growing customer base. Customers could easily find Chill Systems products on their official website and on Amazon. Moreover, the company also sold wholesale for promotional purposes, ensuring wider availability and reach.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Chill Systems was strongly committed to social responsibility. It proudly supported, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide millions of people access to drinking water worldwide.

It actively helped to make the lives of people in need better. Chill Systems showed its commitment to making a difference and motivated others to take up the cause and deal with the urgent problem of global water shortages.

Current Status and Future Prospects

Despite not securing a deal on the popular show Shark Tank, Chill Systems experienced a gradual increase in sales. Within a few months of their pitch, the company’s net worth spiked to approximately $300,000, demonstrating the market’s enthusiastic response to their innovative cooling solution.

While Chill Systems experienced initial success, which could be the probable Shark Tank effect, there was only a downfall in sales afterward. The current status and expansion plans of the company remain uncertain. Recent observations indicate a lack of activity on their social media handles, including Instagram and LinkedIn.

The product is listed as out of stock and unavailable on Amazon. This indicates a possible temporary or permanent disruption in the availability of their product.

Chill Systems has tried to carve a niche in the cooling industry with its ice-free technology and stylish design. With affordable pricing options, convenient accessibility, and a commitment to social responsibility, the company has captured customers’ attention seeking efficient and fashionable cooling solutions.

Although the current status and prospects of Chill Systems are unclear, their impact on the industry is worth appreciating. It’s essential to watch Chill Systems’ future updates and announcements to see when the product becomes available again.

Chill Systems Net worth

The estimated net worth of Chill Systems is around $1 million. The net worth of its founder, Chase Mitchell, is approximately $2 million as of 2024. Despite selling over $111,000 of their products in two years, the company lost cash per Chill System sold.

Is Chill Systems Still in Business?

Chill Systems appears to have stopped business operations. On every e-commerce site, including their own, their items are found to be out of stock. The business account hasn’t posted anything on social media in over two years.

Shark Tank Recap

College friends Chase Mitchell and Brian Bloch, fans of Shark Tank, showcased their startup, Chill Systems, on the show. They sought a $150,000 investment for a 15% equity stake but faced challenges. Initially, they operated at a loss, with production costs of $37 per unit and sales of $30. However, they reduced production costs to $18 per unit before the show aired.

The Sharks expressed surprise that the primary competitor was Ice and questioned the need for another beverage chiller. They raised concerns about market saturation and doubted Chill Systems’ ability to differentiate itself. Some Sharks, like Kevin O’Leary and Daniel Lubetzky, had concerns about product quality and credibility.

Despite their efforts, Chase and Brian didn’t receive any investment offers. The sharks advised them to explore other opportunities. However, they remain determined and will evaluate their options for Chill Systems, learning from the feedback received.

The Shark Tank experience taught Chase and Brian about market differentiation, scalability, and profitability. Though they didn’t secure a deal, the exposure and feedback will help them refine their business model if they plan to conduct any in the future.

In the end, Kevin’s advice was followed by the aspiring entrepreneurs. Both men are now employed in regular employment. Brian works at Elbay Endeavors, while Chase is a Partner Success Senior Associate at CoinBase.

Final Thoughts

Chill Systems’ appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent media recognition helped raise awareness about its innovative ice-free cooling solution. Despite not securing a deal on the show, the company experienced a gradual increase in sales, demonstrating market interest. However, the current availability of their product is uncertain, with observations indicating it is currently not operating. Chill Systems’ impact on the industry is commendable, and its plans and expansion remain to be seen.


What is Chill Systems?

Chill Systems is a highly adaptable, ultraportable beverage chilling system that uses freezing gel inside its walls and is small and light, about the size of a football. The more affordable option lets you conveniently prepare cold beverages wherever your day takes you without buying ice or transporting a large cooler. From the side, it can chill three 12-ounce jars or jugs; from the top, it can cool one jug between 750 and 1000 ml.

Who is the founder of Chill Systems?

Chase Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of Chill Systems Company, while Brian Bloch is the co-founder and CFO. Southern California is where Chase Mitchell was born and raised. He attended the University of Southern California to study business administration.

What is the benefit of a Chill Systems cooler?

Chill Systems’ benefit is that it helps keep your drinks chilled anywhere, anytime. To keep the drinks cold, they have an ice chamber formed by an outside coating made of a freezing gel inside the walls of the container. The lightweight, durable cooler from Chill Systems is made of recyclable materials.

What is the freezing point of the Chill Systems?

The chill system cooler has a freezing point of around -33 degrees Celsius, or 27.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more than enough to keep any drink chilled. Also, the cooler can cool drinks for almost 6 hours.

How big is Chill Systems’ cooler?

Chill systems can cool 12-ounce jars or jugs from the side and chill one jug between 750 and 1000 ml. It is roughly the size of a football.

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