Drainwig Shark Tank Update and Net Worth 2024

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DrainWig, the ingenious solution to prevent clogged shower drains, has become a game-changer in plumbing maintenance. With a compelling backstory, impressive market growth, and diversified product offerings, its shark tank appearance was already super impressive. So, what happened to DrainWig after Shark Tank? Let’s explore its update and net worth in 2024.

Drainwig Shark Tank Update

Before its Shark Tank appearance, DrainWig had already gained recognition, including being featured in the 2014 Oscar nominee swag bag, a coveted collection of high-end goodies. However, the Briggses had yet to capitalize on its hard work fully. After partnering with Kevin O’Leary, the brand has grown substantially and garnered significant attention, establishing itself as a reliable and effective solution for clogged drains.

The entrepreneurial journey of Jennifer and Gifford Briggs took an exciting turn when it appeared on Shark Tank and struck a deal with the renowned investor Kevin O’Leary. Its innovative product, DrainWig, which prevents shower drains from clogging with hair, captured the attention of both the Sharks and the market. Since the show aired, it has experienced significant growth and continues to offer a cost-effective solution to the common problem of clogged drains.

Impressive Market Growth

DrainWig had already achieved remarkable success in the market before its appearance on Shark Tank, with an impressive $1 million in retail sales. However, its partnership with Kevin O’Leary fueled further growth and opened new avenues for the brand. With Kevin’s investment of $300,000 for 15% equity, it received a significant boost in capital and expertise.

One of the key selling points of DrainWig is its cost-effectiveness. It offers a cost-effective solution for preventing drain clogs. Users can proactively catch hair and prevent blockages by placing the stainless-steel chain with whiskers into the drain. This eliminates the need for expensive services like hiring a plumber or purchasing chemical drain cleaners.

The product’s affordability and simplicity have resonated with customers who value convenience and want to avoid unnecessary expenses. With a two to four months lifespan, DrainWig provides long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and interventions. By investing in the brand, individuals can ensure the optimal functionality of their drains while saving money and avoiding the inconvenience of dealing with clogs.

DrainWig’s availability has expanded beyond its initial market reach. Customers can purchase the product from various platforms, including Amazon, the official website, and renowned retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. This increased accessibility has allowed DrainWig to tap into a wider customer base and cater to the needs of more households.

Diversified Product Line

DrainWig has been hard at work expanding its product line to cater to a wider customer base. The company has introduced new styles and designs beyond the original flower-shaped one, recognizing the importance of aesthetics and personal preferences. Offering various options allows customers to choose a design that seamlessly integrates into their bathroom decor while providing effective hair-catching functionality. Whether it’s a sleek and modern design or a more whimsical and fun shape, customers can find a product that suits their tastes.

In addition to expanding its design options, it has also focused on improving the functionality and efficiency of its tub DrainWig. Understanding the importance of an effective drain solution, the company has made enhancements to ensure optimal performance. It has created a tub DrainWig that effectively catches hair and prevents clogs by addressing customer feedback and continuously refining its product.

The company provides a variety of choices with pricing ranging from $6 to $20 to accommodate different client demands and budgets. DrainWig maintains its position as a market leader by offering a broad product line that blends usability, elegance, and price. Its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of the competition and meeting the evolving demands of consumers seeking reliable drain solutions.

Ongoing Collaboration and Promotion

Contrary to his tough on-screen persona, Kevin O’Leary’s involvement in it goes beyond his investment. He has taken an active role in the company’s development, providing valuable guidance and support to Jennifer and Gifford Briggs. Through productive planning sessions, Kevin has shared his expertise and insights, helping entrepreneurs refine their business strategies and navigate the competitive market. His hands-on approach has proven beneficial in shaping its growth trajectory.

Furthermore, Kevin O’Leary has played a significant role in promoting it through various channels, including social media. His endorsement of the product on platforms like Facebook has given the brand additional exposure and credibility. By sharing photos of himself from when he had hair and engaging with the DrainWig community, Kevin has connected with customers on a personal level. This approach has not only boosted brand awareness but has also helped to establish a sense of trust and authenticity around the product.

Customers are more likely to consider it a reliable solution for their drain maintenance needs when someone like Kevin O’Leary supports it. He not only provided financial support but has also actively endorsed the brand. In his endorsement, he even shared humorous photos of himself from his hairier days, emphasizing the relatability and usefulness of the product. Kevin’s involvement has added credibility to the brand and helped further promote DrainWig’s benefits.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Jennifer, and Gifford Briggs have experienced tremendous success with DrainWig. Its partnership with Kevin O’Leary has propelled the company to new heights, expanding its market reach and solidifying the brand’s position as an innovative solution for clogged drains. With continued product enhancements, diversified offerings, and ongoing collaboration with their investor, it remains a top choice for individuals seeking a cost-effective and convenient solution to prevent drain clogs.

Drainwig Net Worth

The net worth of DrainWig is estimated to be around $2 million, showcasing the significant financial success the company has achieved. Since its appearance on Shark Tank and its subsequent partnership with Kevin O’Leary, it has experienced remarkable growth and market penetration.

Strong retail sales, expanded distribution channels, and a diversified product line have contributed to DrainWig’s increasing net worth. With ongoing collaborations, product innovations, and the endorsement of Kevin O’Leary, it continues to solidify its position as a leader in the plumbing maintenance industry, further adding to its estimated net worth.

Is Drainwig Still in Business?

Yes, DrainWig is still in business and continues to thrive after its appearance on Shark Tank. The company has experienced significant growth and success since partnering with Kevin O’Leary, and it has solidified its position as a reliable and effective solution for preventing clogged drains caused by hair.

Thanks to its expanded availability, it is doing good as of now. Customers can now purchase DrainWig from various platforms, including Amazon, the official website, and renowned retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. This increased accessibility has allowed it to tap into a wider customer base to prosper in its business.

Episode Recap

Jennifer and Gifford Briggs appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their innovative product, DrainWig. It is a simple yet effective solution to the common problem of clogged shower drains caused by hair. The product features a stainless-steel chain with whiskers that catch hair, preventing it from clogging the pipes. The entrepreneurs emphasized the brand’s effectiveness and the convenience of its replaceable design, allowing users to remove and replace it every two to four months easily.

Jennifer and Gifford highlighted DrainWig’s impressive market presence and distribution network during their pitch. The product was already being sold in major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart, showcasing its popularity and potential for growth. The Sharks were intrigued by its competitive pricing and excellent profit margins, recognizing the business opportunity it presented.

After negotiations, Kevin O’Leary saw the potential in the company and made a deal with the entrepreneurs. He offered $300,000 for a 15% equity stake, believing his experience and expertise could further propel the product’s success. The partnership with O’Leary provides DrainWig with financial investment, valuable guidance, and connections in the market.


What is Drainwig?

DrainWig is an innovative plumbing maintenance solution that prevents shower drains from clogging with hair. It features a stainless-steel chain with whiskers that catches hair before it enters the pipes, effectively reducing the risk of blockages.

How does the Drainwig work?

The DrainWig employs a simple yet effective mechanism to prevent clogs in shower drains. It consists of a stainless-steel chain with rubber whiskers attached to it. As water flows down the drain, the whiskers catch and entangle any hair that would otherwise go down the pipe and cause a clog.

Who are the owners of DrainWig?

The owners of DrainWig are Jennifer Briggs and Gifford Briggs. They are the entrepreneurs who developed and brought the innovative product to market.

Can the DrainWig be reused?

No, the DrainWig is not meant to be reused; it is only meant for single use. Depending on usage, it is a throwaway item that must be changed every two to four months.

What material is the DrainWig made of?

In the case of DrainWig, polypropylene is used to create a chain-like structure with whiskers that catch and collect hair, preventing it from clogging the drain. The material is chosen for its effectiveness, longevity, and compatibility with plumbing systems.

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