Fur Shark Tank Update and Net Worth 2024

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Fur Oil is a personal care brand that supplies all-natural skin and hair care for all body parts. It is committed to breaking down taboos around pubic hair through premium placement and spreading a message of body acceptance worldwide.

The topic of private hair care may not be the most glamorous, but when Fur presented its line of high-end solutions for intimate areas, it was interesting. What happened to Fur after Shark Tank? Let’s get into their update and net worth in 2024.

Fur Shark Tank Update

Since the appearance of Fur on the hit TV show Shark Tank, Fur as a brand has had its ups and downs. It is still going very strong as it focuses on quality, inclusivity, and customer satisfaction over anything. The founders knew and were well prepared that standing out from the competition is crucial in beauty and personal care. Thus, they made their business strategies accordingly for Fur’s future.

Sales Spike and Ongoing Challenges

Like many businesses and startups featured on Shark Tank, Fur experienced an initial spike in sales, often called the “Shark Tank effect”. The exposure and endorsement from the show’s panel of investors generated significant interest among consumers.

However, it’s important to note that this initial surge was followed by a decline in sales, which is a common occurrence post-Shark Tank. During their appearance on Shark Tank, Fur secured a potential deal with the renowned investor Lori Greiner. Despite the initial agreement, the deal wasn’t implemented.

Neither party involved has publicly disclosed the specific cause of this decision. Despite the disappointment, Fur remains determined and committed to overcoming its obstacles.

Retail Partnerships

Fur leveraged its newfound exposure to secure partnerships with reputable retailers. It took a thoughtful and strategic approach to partnerships and fundraising, carefully considering potential investors who aligned with their mission and values.

The founders regularly assessed the timing for fundraising and sought investors who would be true partners in their journey. They prioritized maintaining control and autonomy, ensuring that any investor they choose is someone they trust and feel is in line with their vision.

They began placing their items on the shelves of Neiman Marcus, Goop, Credo, Free People, Revolve, and Urban Outfitters after giving every detail careful consideration. These partnerships improved Fur’s brand awareness and reputation while broadening its distribution network.

Expanding Product Line and Business Reach

It took advantage of the exposure it got from the shark tank and expanded its business and product list. While initially focusing on oil for intimate parts, now, it has broadened its offerings to include an array of grooming products and a few related skincare essentials.

Its product line now includes oil, stubble cream, razors, burn serums, salt scrubs, and many more. With such a wide variety of options, Fur aims to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Due to its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, it has attracted a diverse customer base.

It has engaged a significant proportion of male consumers, representing almost 35% of its customer base. The remaining majority comprises females between 18 and 36, highlighting the appeal of Fur’s products to a broad demographic.

Increased Competition

Aware of the growing competition from brands like Nude Hair Oil, Flaconi, RoseSkinCo, TresseNoire, and Sanfe Pubic Hair Oil, especially after its popularity from Shark Tank, Fur proactively updated itself to stay ahead.

By offering a diverse range of high-quality products and prioritizing superior ingredients, Fur has carved out a unique position in the market. It remains determined to adapt and thrive in the face of competition.

Fur Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Fur is around $30 million as of 2024. It has $5 million in annual sales, no debt, amazing sales, conversion margins, no extra investors, and a fantastic corporate mission of acceptance and self-love.

As the two ladies started selling their products through thousands of retailers throughout the globe, their annual revenue figure has been impressive. With such a positive mindset and willpower, Fur was destined to kiss success.

It is positioned as a leading brand in the intimate grooming and skincare industries. Because of a business mind, confidence, and a will to promote body positivity, Fur has remained active for years and is still focused on its growth and success.

Thousands of stores in the US, including 1500+ ultra-beauty outlets, still sell Fur’s products. You can purchase their products on Amazon as well as its website. Most of its updates are posted on Instagram, with a respectable following of approximately 100,000.

Fur’s commitment to quality and innovation helped them earn recognition among consumers. Its most popular product, Fur Body Oil, has an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on more than 4,000 reviews, which tells us about the love for the brand among its consumers. Numerous beauty magazines and online portals have also featured Fur, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted brand.

Fur Shark Tank Recap

Fur appeared on Shark Tank and asked for a $250,000 investment in exchange for 2.5% ownership in their company. The business sold high-end hair care items specially created for private places.

When Laura and Lillian start talking about their sales, they mention that Fur has made roughly $3.5 million during the filming year between sales on Amazon and direct-to-consumer websites. These stats wowed the sharks, even if the product itself didn’t. Their explanation only further draws the sharks for their large profit margins.

They gave out samples and described their company. The $5 million sales figure thrilled the sharks, but some were unsure about the valuation of Fur. We observed that a few sharks were intrigued when they began pitching their proposition.

They received an offer from Daymond John: $500,000 for 15% stock. Kevin O’Leary offered a discount on royalties: $500,000 for a 2.5% share and $1 for each unit until he earned $1 million. The most tempting offer was made to Lori Greiner; it included $500,000 for 12% equity and $50,000 for a charity that promoted positive body image.

Diverse responses were given by the sharks to the concept, with some expressing skepticism regarding the viability of such products on the market. Ultimately, Lori Greiner decided to invest, providing Fur the full amount in exchange for an 8% share.

Is It Still in Business?

Yes, it is still in business. Despite facing challenges and the unsuccessful deal with Lori Greiner, Fur has continued its product line, secured partnerships with renowned retailers, and received positive reviews from customers and industry experts.

Its products inspire customers to accept their hairstyles, regardless of repair treatments. In 2017, it also got an organic endorsement from Emma Watson. This might have played a major role in helping the business take off as Fur went viral.

Fur’s post-Shark Tank journey has been filled with growth and success. It has expanded its product line, partnered with top retailers, and gained recognition in the beauty industry. Despite the unsuccessful deal with Lori Greiner, Fur’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures an exciting future of innovation and achievement.


How much is Fur worth on Shark Tank?

Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung asked for $500,000 in exchange for 2.5% of Fur, valuing the company at $20 million.

What is the revenue of Fur Skincare?

Fur’s annual revenue is estimated at around $5 million.

Who owns the Fur brand?

Fur brand is owned by Lillian Tung and Laura Schubert

Who are the competitors of Fur Oil?

Nude Hair Oil, Flaconi, RoseSkinCo, TresseNoire, Sanfe Pubic Hair Oil, etc., are the competitors of Ful Oil.

Is Fur Oil safe for the face?

Yes, it is safe for the face. It works wonders anywhere hair meets skin. It leaves no residue behind, and the smell swiftly dissipates. You can use it regularly for the greatest effects to have smoother skin and hair over time and fewer ingrown hairs.

What is Fur Oil used for?

Fur Oil softens and soothes pubic and body hair while cleansing pores to avoid ingrown hairs.

Does Fur Oil remove hair?

Fur Oil can be used daily to prevent ingrown hairs, smooth skin, make regrowth seem finer, and result in more gently removed hair after treatment.

Can I use Fur Oil on my scalp?

Yes, you can. Fur Oil is effective enough to soften hair and skin after just one use while being light enough to apply to your hair without making it look too greasy.

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