iCPooch Shark Tank Update and Net Worth 2024

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Although Brooke Martin, the young entrepreneur behind iCPooch, did not secure a deal, she persevered and saw sales soar thanks to the “Shark Tank Effect.” The journey of this pet treat dispenser with video chat functionality had its share of challenges and setbacks. Let’s dive into the latest update and net worth of iCPooch and explore its ups and downs.

iCPooch Shark Tank Update

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Brooke Martin’s perseverance and belief in her product, the iCPooch Wi-Fi Treat Dispenser, paid off in the long run. The post-show period saw a surge in sales, with the product gaining significant traction. By 2016, several thousand units had been sold, marking a remarkable achievement for Brooke and her business.

Brooke’s unwavering commitment to her vision, combined with the “Shark Tank Effect,” played a crucial role in the increased success of iCPooch. The exposure and platform provided by the show helped elevate the brand’s visibility and generated heightened consumer interest.

The Fit and Quality Concerns

However, customer reviews on platforms like Amazon painted a more nuanced picture. While the iCPooch garnered attention for its innovative concept of an interactive treat dispenser, customer experiences varied. The product received a mixed average rating of 2.6 stars out of 79 global reviews. Some customers expressed satisfaction with the device, appreciating its convenience and functionality. But others highlighted certain issues that affected their overall satisfaction.

Common concerns included the fit of treats into the dispenser, subpar video and audio quality, and perceived low-quality plastic material used in the device’s construction. These factors contributed to the mixed reviews, reflecting the challenges faced by iCPooch in delivering a flawless user experience.

One recurring issue mentioned in customer reviews was the poor fit of treats in the iCPooch device. Many pet owners found that the treats made for the iCPooch did not align well, impacting the overall functionality. Customers were also disappointed with the inferior video and audio quality, which exceeded expectations.

Consumer opinion of the device’s construction quality influenced consumer satisfaction. Made of what some users described as “very cheap plastic,” the iCPooch’s physical construction left a negative impression. These concerns undoubtedly influenced the mediocre reviews and ultimately contributed to the product’s fate.

Out of Business

Regrettably, despite initial success, the iCPooch journey ultimately ended in 2016. A combination of factors likely influenced the closure of the company. One significant factor was the reliance on a third-party manufacturer to scale production. Relying on external partners can sometimes introduce complexities and challenges that affect the overall quality and consistency of the product, which is exactly what affects the company.

Moreover, negative customer feedback and quality issues likely contributed to the decline of iCPooch. While the concept of an interactive treat dispenser resonated with pet owners, the execution fell short of meeting their expectations. Customers expressed disappointment in various aspects, including the poor fit of treats, low-quality video and audio, and the perceived cheap plastic build of the device. These concerns eroded trust and satisfaction, making it difficult for the company to maintain a loyal customer base.

Despite the decision to shut down iCPooch, the product remained available on Amazon until 2017. This created a paradoxical situation for customers who had purchased the product. The app required to operate the treat dispenser became obsolete as time passed, rendering the iCPooch non-functional. Understandably, this caused frustration among customers who had invested in the product and were left with a device that no longer served its intended purpose.

Introducing iCLoved Ones

Amidst the ups and downs of the iCPooch venture, Brooke Martin displayed her resilience and entrepreneurial spirit by venturing into a new product line called ICLoved Ones. This groundbreaking adaptive equipment solution, introduced in April 2015, was created to solve families’ difficulties connecting with elderly relatives.

Knowing how crucial it is for elders to communicate and get care, Brooke set out on a quest to close the gap and offer a solution that would improve both the lives of seniors and their families. ICLoved Ones enabled family members to connect with their elderly loved ones from a distance, fostering a sense of companionship and emotional support.

With its unique functionality, the device also offered the convenience of dispensing medications at specific times, helping seniors adhere to their medication schedules and reducing the risk of forgetfulness. By incorporating technology into caregiving, Brooke aimed to empower families to maintain closer connections and ensure the well-being of their senior relatives. The launch of ICLoved Ones reflected Brooke’s determination to make a meaningful impact on society through her entrepreneurial pursuits.

By addressing the needs of a specific demographic and leveraging technology to enhance caregiving, she demonstrated her commitment to creating products that served a practical purpose and fostered stronger bonds among families. With ICLoved Ones, Brooke continued to showcase her ability to identify opportunities for innovation and bring them to life, solidifying her position as a driven and forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Graduation, Relocation, and Venture Capital

Since her first endeavors, Brooke Martin has not given up on her drive for achievement and personal development. She dedicated her free hours to learning and eventually obtained a master’s degree in engineering and management science from Stanford University, giving her a solid educational basis to go along with her business energy.

By moving to Northern California and joining Menlo Park, a prominent venture capital firm co-founded by business titans Mike Maples and Ann Miura-Ko, Brooke started a brand-new thrilling chapter at the early age of 22. At Menlo Park, Brooke works closely with younger founders, providing them the mentorship, guidance, and resources needed to navigate the challenging entrepreneurial landscape.

Drawing from her own experiences, she offers valuable insights and support to help these emerging entrepreneurs turn their visions into successful businesses. Brooke’s presence within Menlo Park demonstrates her growth and achievements and signifies her commitment to giving back to the entrepreneurial community and fostering the next generation of innovators.

While the journey of iCPooch may have had its challenges, Brooke Martin remains resolute in her entrepreneurial spirit. She still hasn’t given up on her hopes of one day founding another business because she has a book full of creative ideas. With her unrelenting commitment, academic success, and professional background, Brooke is an inspiring personality in entrepreneurship.

The iCPooch’s journey showcases the rollercoaster ride faced by Brooke Martin in her pursuit of entrepreneurial success. Despite not securing a deal, the iCPooch experienced a surge in sales attributed to the “Shark Tank Effect.” However, customer reviews and quality concerns eventually discontinued the product. Brooke’s determination continues to shine through her latest venture at Menlo Park, where she supports and mentors young founders.

iCPooch Net Worth

The net worth of iCPooch is unavailable as the company is no longer in operation. As of its Shark Tank pitch, the company’s valuation was around $750,000. The company faced challenges and setbacks, leading to its discontinuation, and its financial status after the closure remains unknown.

What happened to iCPooch on Shark Tank?

Entrepreneur Brooke Martin took the stage on Shark Tank with hopes of securing a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake in iCPooch. However, the journey proved to be challenging for the pet product company. At the time of their appearance on the show, iCPooch had only managed to sell 149 units.

Initially, the founders could not appear on the show since their original attempt to raise money through a Kickstarter campaign failed to reach their $70,000 objective. They started a second campaign, receiving $30,000, hoping to make $20,000 in sales. Despite selling approximately $25,000 worth of products before the show, the Sharks remained unimpressed by iCPooch.

One of the major hurdles faced by iCPooch during their Shark Tank pitch was the company’s valuation. The founders presented a valuation of $600,000, which the Sharks considered too high. As a result, none of the Sharks were interested in investing in iCPooch, leaving the founders without a deal.

Despite the outcome of Shark Tank, the journey of iCPooch served as a valuable lesson for the founders. While it could not secure investment, it gained valuable exposure and feedback. Ultimately, iCPooch’s appearance on the show showcased the challenges and realities of entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the pursuit of success.


What was iCPooch?

iCPooch was a Wi-Fi-enabled treat dispenser designed for pets. It allowed pet owners to remotely interact with their furry companions by using a smartphone or computer to dispense treats, video chat, and provide a sense of connection even when they were away from home. The innovative device aimed to enhance the bond between pet owners and their animals, providing a way to engage and reward them from a distance using technology.

Who is the CEO of iCPooch?

The CEO of iCPooch was Brooke Martin. Brooke Martin founded iCPooch when she was just 15 years old, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and drive at a young age.

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