xCraft Shark Tank Update and Net Worth 2024

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xCraft is an innovative drone company that has made significant advancements, expanded its product line, forged strategic partnerships, and set its sights on new horizons. Let’s dive into the updates on what happened to xCraft after Shark Tank and discover its net worth in the ever-evolving world of drones.

xCraft Shark Tank Update

xCraft has experienced significant advancements and achievements since its televised debut. Although it didn’t secure a deal with the sharks, the company saw this as an opportunity to forge its path to success. Through a StartEngine campaign, xCraft successfully raised funds, allowing it to fuel its growth and make significant advancements in the drone industry.

This newfound capital has enabled the company to invest in research and development, resulting in innovative products and cutting-edge technologies that have garnered attention and recognition. The after-Shark Tank journey has been transformative for the company, as it has leveraged its exposure to establish itself as a prominent player in the drone market.

Expanding Product Line and Industrial Applications

xCraft has introduced a range of new drone models following its appearance on Shark Tank. These models include the X PlusOne Platinum, Panadrone, and Maverick Cinema, each featuring advanced capabilities to meet the diverse needs of industries. These drones offer cutting-edge solutions, from aerial mapping and surveying to public safety applications.

To cater to specialized industries, it has expanded its product line with custom drones designed for the construction, mining, and defense sectors. Leveraging its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) expertise, it has actively pursued research and development projects in military and defense applications. These initiatives have solidified its position as a trusted partner in providing tailored drone solutions.

As a result of these advancements, it has gained recognition and established itself as a leader in the drone industry. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, it continues to push the boundaries of drone technology and explore new opportunities across various sectors.

xCraft’s Remarkable Drone Lineup

xCraft offers a remarkable lineup of drones designed to meet diverse industry needs. From capturing high-resolution video to military surveillance and efficient scouting, its innovative products redefine the possibilities of aerial technology.

One standout model is the Panadrone, a versatile drone that captures high-resolution video and serves as a mesh network node. It provides an unparalleled aerial perspective with a maximum flight altitude of 400 feet. The Shadow drone stands out as a reliable surveillance solution. It can tether flight for up to 24 hours and is invaluable for pop-up surveillance or communication.

For surveyors and engineers, the Matrix RTK delivers exceptional performance. This drone is designed for high-resolution mapping, ensuring precise and autonomous route mapping when combined with a GPS bay station. xCraft’s Nano One is a compact and rugged drone built for military surveillance. With wind and rain tolerance, it remains reliable even in challenging weather conditions. Equipped with features like auto return and lost link failsafe, it ensures successful mission outcomes.

The company’s innovative drones redefine what’s possible in the aerial technology landscape. Whether you need high-resolution video capture, precise mapping, military surveillance, or efficient scouting, its drone lineup offers cutting-edge solutions. By pushing the boundaries of aerial technology, it continues to revolutionize the industry and open up new possibilities for various sectors.

Negotiations and Partnerships:

xCraft’s increasing recognition in the industry has opened doors to valuable collaborations. it has formed a strategic partnership with T-Mobile, a leading telecommunications provider. This collaboration aims to enhance T-Mobile’s drone capabilities, tapping into its knowledge and experience in drone design and development.

xCraft and T-Mobile have joined forces to unlock the full potential of drones in the telecommunications industry. They explore new infrastructure inspection, network optimization, and emergency response possibilities.

These collaborations underscore its commitment to pushing the boundaries of drone technology and exploring diverse applications. By partnering with influential players in sectors such as defense and telecommunications, it solidifies its position as an industry leader. With a focus on innovation and strategic alliances, it continues to pave the way for advancements in drone technology and the expansion of its practical applications.

Future Aspirations

Before approaching the defense industry, xCraft decided to transition away from retail sales and discontinue the Phone Drone, a portable device designed to hold smartphones. This shift in focus reflected the company’s commitment to catering to the specific needs of specialized industries. By redirecting its efforts, it was already dedicating its resources to serving public safety, defense, construction, and mining sectors.

This strategic realignment allowed xCraft to offer targeted drone solutions that addressed the unique challenges faced by these industries. By understanding each sector’s specific requirements and demands, it is now developing and delivering drones that could be optimized for surveillance, mapping, and inspection tasks. This approach ensured that its drones provided maximum value and effectiveness in fulfilling the needs of its clients.

By focusing on serving specialized industries, xCraft can prioritize research and development efforts in areas that directly impact its target sectors. This enables it to stay at the forefront of drone technology advancements and develop innovative solutions that address the evolving demands of its clients.

The company has ambitious plans to delve into the exciting realm of flying cars, tapping into the emerging market of urban air mobility. Exploring this frontier, it aims to revolutionize personal transportation and contribute to the future of mobility.

xCraft Net Worth

xCraft achieved an impressive net worth of $17 million in 2024, showcasing its unwavering dedication to innovation and strategic partnerships. The company’s collaborations with influential entities like the Department of Defense and T-Mobile have solidified its position as an industry leader, contributing to its remarkable valuation.

With a valuation of $6 million at the time of the shark tank appearance to $17 million, the company’s impressive financial performance reflects its ability to capitalize on the ever-evolving drone industry. As the drone industry progresses, it remains well-positioned to enhance its net worth further.

Is xCraft Still in Business?

As of 2024, xCraft is in business and has remained a thriving player in the drone industry for some time now. With successful fundraising efforts through a StartEngine campaign, it has leveraged the exposure from the show to establish itself as a prominent name in the drone market. Its innovative drones, including the Panadrone, Matrix RTK, Nano One, Shadow, Matrix SE, and Maverick Mapper, continue to redefine aerial technology possibilities and stay competitive enough in this market.


xCraft made a captivating appearance on Shark Tank. The founders, JD and Charles, introduced its groundbreaking drone product, the X PlusOne, which stood out due to its ability to convert between drone and plane modes. They sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in their company.

The sharks expressed initial concerns about the X PlusOne’s flight range and target audience. Still, JD and Charles addressed these concerns by highlighting the drone’s autonomous flight options and successful Kickstarter campaign. Kevin, one of the sharks, offered valuable insights on potential applications for the X PlusOne, such as examining diseased trees.

JD confirmed that camera capabilities for hover mode were in development. JD and Charles introduced their second product, the PhoneDrone Ethos, a portable device that securely holds a smartphone for a user-friendly experience. The sharks showed genuine interest, made competitive offers, and negotiated outside the room.

Charles proposed a unique cooperative venture with the sharks, but JD’s high valuation initially jeopardized the deal. Daymond increased his offer, eventually leading to an agreement between xCraft and all the sharks. Mark initially held out, seeking further assurance, but Charles explained the value the sharks brought compared to other potential investors. Convinced, Mark joined the deal, solidifying a cooperative effort.

This unprecedented collaboration between all the sharks showcased their confidence in xCraft’s technology and vision. With an innovative product, impressive sales track record, technical expertise, and a strong partnership, It is confident enough to revolutionize the drone market. The appearance on Shark Tank provided it with a higher valuation, increased capital, and the strategic guidance of renowned investors, setting it on a path to success in the tech industry.

Overall, xCraft’s journey after Shark Tank has been characterized by remarkable progress and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The exposure gained from the show, coupled with the successful StartEngine campaign, has propelled its growth and solidified its position as an industry leader.


What does xCraft do?

xCraft is a company that specializes in innovative drone technology. It develops and manufactures advanced drones with unique features and capabilities, including converting between drone and plane modes. With a focus on revolutionizing the drone market, xCraft aims to provide cutting-edge solutions for various industries and applications, from aerial mapping and surveying to public safety operations and beyond.

Who is the CEO of xCraft drones?

The CEO of xCraft drones is JD Claridge.

Where is xCraft now?

The production of retail products by xCraft was discontinued. The business is now entirely committed to creating drones for its target market, which consists of business and military clients in the public, private, and energy sectors.

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